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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Production line

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PVC、PE Quincunx Multi-Hole Casing Pipe Production Line
Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder Brief introduction

·This line is one new kind of PVC and PE multi-hole casing pipe production equipment developed by our corporation on the basis of development necessaries of the news dispatch piping. With thee primary raw material of PVC and PE in the compound,by means of deploying the different die and the design pattern,multiple kinds of standard PVC and PE multi-hole casing pipe can be produced. At the moment there are the 4 holes,5 holes,6 holes and different size of square tube products. It can be seasoned with anything.

Model of Main Machine 65/30 65/132 锥形
Length Diameter Patio 30 : 1 22 : 1
Motor Power 22 37 
Screw Rotating Speed 4 - 38 3.7 - 37
Max.Ouput 100 200
Set Weight 2400 3600
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