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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Production line

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PVC Fiber Strength Soft Pipes Production Line

Brief introduction 

·PVC fiber-reinforced hose production line is the new product developed by our company. It is mainly used to manufacture PVC fiber-reinforced hose for fluid conveying. The hose possesses of such features as being non-toxic., transparent,resistance to pressure,tensile resistant,acid-alkali resistant and beautiful in appearance,soft and light, and able to stand wear and tear;and can be used as pipelines for conveying air,water,gas,oil and other kind of fluid and gas. 

·PVC fiber-reinforced hose production line mainly consists of extruder,spary water tank,traction engine,kinking machine and reeling machine. It is rational in configuration,unique in construction,reliable in performance,simple in operation,convenient for maintenance and high in continuous capability; and has been greatly accepted by the customers.

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