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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Production line

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Extruding Plastic Corrugated Pipes Production Line
Brief introduction

·The set,SJ65x25 Extruder,moulder of corrugated pipe, molds of pipe parison, wind-cooling unit, counter and winder from a complete set, can continuously extrude various standards of PVC,LDPE and HDPE thermoplastic corrugated pipes.

·The set is a new-generation product developed by our company,which gathers the advantage of the international advanced types into one body.

Main Technical Specifications: 
Model of Main Machine SJ-65 x 25 Single-Screw Extruder
Forming Mould Standard Nominal Internal Diameter Being 6mm – 110mm
Pair of Mold Block 42
Pipe State Single-Wall Corrugated Pipe
Drawing Velocity 2 – 10m/min
Cooling Mode of Mold Block 风冷
Cooling Mode of Pipe 风冷
Wind Cooling Power 0.5 x 2kw
Main Machine Power 7.5 – 45kw
Driving Power of Anxiliary Machine 1.1 – 5.5kw
Set Weight 2500kg
Set Appearance Dimension(L x W x H) 7500mm x 1600mm x 1700mm
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