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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Production line

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HDPE Silicon Core Pipes Production Line
Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder Brief introduction

·HDPE silicon core pipes production line is a new product,developed by our company on the base of absorbing and digesting advancedtechnology from the world. HDPE silicon core pipes made by the production line are casing pipes widely used at home and abroad for the protection of light cable and electric cable.

·As a new casing pipe for the protection of light and electric cable, HDPE silicon core pipes are characterized by corrosion-resistance, agereistor little friction coefficient of inner wall,good insulativity,and can be fixed very soon. It has been used in Europe for more than 10 years,and also has been initially used in China. It can be widely userd for the protection of light cable of expressway,post and telecommunications and special networks of military,so make the light and electric cable as pipeline.

·Integrated with three-layer co-extrusion,cooling and finalizing the design,drawing and winding,the production line is characterized by high automaticity,even plasticzation,long life,easy,operation and mainteance. So it is in chemical and construcion firmis good graces.

Model of Extruder SJ-90 x 32 ( Outer Layer ) SJ-45 x 25 ( Inner Layer ) SJ-30 x 25 ( Indication Bar )
Diameter of Pipes 32/26mm 40/33mm 50/42mm According to customer need
Production of Pipes 100~250(kg/h)
Production Speed 3~12(m/min)
Drawing Power 1.5kw
Drawing Speed 3~12(m/min)(Cooling MOde)
Vacuum -0.05 ~ -0.07(Mpa)
Cooling Mode Vacuum Spraying Water
Winding Mode Automatic
Winding Length 2000-3000m
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