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Plastic Plate Extrusion Production line

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Extruding Wavy Plastic Plates Production Line
Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder Brief introduction

·With SJSZ-60x22 Taper Twin-Screw Extruder combined with corresponding wavy plate molder,drawing auxiliary machine and cutter, SJLB-60x22-1000 set for extruding wavy plastic plates can continuously produce the coloured,weather-resistant and flame-retardant wavy UPVC plates used in the construction. If replacing the relative pare, it can also produce flat and grid plastics plates. The set has the characterisitics of good plasticizing,stable performance,compact structure,high automatic degree and convenient operation, is the ideal productive equipment for construction manufactures.

Model of Main Machine SJSZ-65 x 132
Die Form Coat Hanger plane Die L=1000mm
Molding Unit
Great Wave R=15 H=16.5 Pask Distance=63mm
Little Wave R=9 H=8 Pask Distance=36mm
Length of Molding Roll 1000mm
Motor Power 1.5kw(Frequency-Changing Requlation)
Dimension of Cooling Mold 1000mm x 540mm
Cooling Mode Cooling Water
Drawing Speed 0.5 – 5m/min
Drawing Power 2.2KW(Frequency-Changing Requlation)
Cutting Mode Shearing(Oil Pressure)
Cutting Follower Distance 500mm
Working Pressure of Gas Line 0.4 – 0.6Mpa
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