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Plastic Plate Extrusion Production line

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Sing(Dual)Direction Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line
Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder Brief introduction

·SJGSB-Z series plastic single direction drawing earthwork grid set is a new product developed by our companyy on the base of absorbing and digesting advanced technology from the world and combining with our rich experiences in producing DG25,DG50,DG80,DG110 and other single direction earthwork grid. The grid is widely used for feinforcing madbed of expressway municipal road,railway and airport runway; reinforcement of reinforced earth on both sideof road,railway and rover;strengthering the dyres of river and sea; enclosing wall of orchard, vegetable plot,domestic animal and land. The grid is made of high polymer first extruded by entruder and then drew longitudinally.The grid with high drawing strength(>150MPa) is suitable for all kinds of soil. Its all functions and indexes surpass the earthwork net which not be drew, so it is the best ideal reinforced material. As the set is characterized by high output,good benefit,even quality and easy operation,so it is the best choice for earthwork material and plastic products manufacture to develop new products.

Model of Main Machine SJ-150 x 30
Main Motor Power 132kw
Total Power of Lter Motors 100kw
Production Capacity 20 – 400kg/h
Drawing Speed 2 – 10m/min
Punching Frequency 35-65 次 /min
Total Weight of Set 20000kg
Overall Dimension of Set 40 x 1.95 x 2.6
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