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Molding tool type:skep type,spiral type molding tool

Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder

PP-R tube die: Specification 20-160

Molding tool type:skep type,spiral type molding tool.

Molding tool characteristics:

1. Flows speed of melt body attains the anticipant mechanics and hot uniformity.
2. Need not core mold bracket,make flow veins disappearance happened in production.
3. Little pressure consumes,high yield attain 80% of extrusing capacity.
4. Tight structure,reasonable connection and convenient replacing.
5. Manufactured by high-quality molding steel.
6. Stainless steel or cupreous water circulating sizing sleeve.

PE tube die:

Specification :  10-630

Molding tool pattern:Bracket type,spiral type,skep type,co-extruding type composite die.

Apply scope:Water pipe,gas pipe,heat preservation & antisepsis tube,thermodynamic energy tube,jacket tube.

PVC tube die: Specification 10-630

PVC Spiral bubble tube molding tool 50-160.

Replacing mouth piece and core mandril can produce bubble inner spiral tube,solid wall inside spiral tube,solid wall tube,foamed tube.4.

Board die:



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